Your mental thermostat

We all have made decisions consciously or unconsciously about how much risk and discomfort we are willing to endure. For me I was about 14 when I made the decision that for every good thing that happened in my life, a bad thing was going to happen. It just seemed to prove itself out a over and over so it must be so! It wasn’t until I was 24 that I went into a training course where it was beat into our heads that we all are directly responsible for the situation we are in, good or bad. Now they really pushed this consept and I had a real problem with this. “Look at the evidence, look at all of these things that happened too me” They said that is even more proof, more evidence. “Are you saying I did these things to myself?” You are directly responsible for the situation you are in good or bad. From that moment on I chose Good.

It has been good, It has been very good, I became consciously aware of each situation I was in every moment of everyday. Now I slip up every now and then, but it takes me less and less time to recover as I get better and better at this awareness of me slipping up. We all have thermostats that we subconsciously set. Set it for bad we get bad, set it for good, we get good.

Don’t we all know someone that consistantly gets bad results over and over, and don’t we all know people that remarkable outcomes on anything they touch? How can this be? Don’t we also know people that get a good result and then a bad result and are stuck in this flip flop? That was me. Good then bad then good then bad. Well that was all me, like clock work!

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