What do you Expect?

Whenever anything happens in my life, I ask myself “what did you expect?” and almost every time the answer is exactly how it turned out! Exactly!

Sometimes it’s better than what I expected because I unconsciously made slight adjustments along the path to my goal. But at minimum I got what I expected.

I expected to build my investment portfolio by 2X and usually I get 3X or 5X results as the outcome.

Same is true all the way down to duplicating my favorite Thai restaurant meal.
I just wanted it to be as good as Herb’s Thai Kitchen and I get it better than theirs! Way Better! Don’t tell Herb.

I have realized looking back over the years I have always gotten what I expected. Sometimes I expected the worst and guess what?

Could it really be that simple??

Happy people are always happy because they expect more happiness?

Surely it couldn’t be… that successful people expect more and more success?

Does this mean Wealthy people expect for more and more wealth to flow into their lives?

Becoming aware of the language that bounces around in your head determines your results.

This must mean I can manipulate my Future results by managing my expectations.

I clearly believe the expectation must come first in all situations always!

So….What do you expect?
Have fun with this

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