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Join FasTrack Business; An Investment towards your Financial Freedom

FasTrack Business is an online educational course with integrated membership designed to bring note investors together for a group learning experience.

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Note Investing Training

FasTrack Business video training covers a wide range of related topics to help you become a confident and successful note investor. From mindset to sample deals, I have carefully curated these videos to cover as much of the note business as possible so that you can learn from my 12+ years experience and really hit the ground running in this niche industry.

Mentor Calls

FasTrack Business enrollment provides access to both a wide range of video training on the note business, but also access to Mentor Calls every other Thursday night at 7pm EST via Zoom. These calls are an opportunity for students to come together and problem-solve as a group in real time.

In this group setting you will hear ideas from all participants. This process excels the learning curve greatly, and acts like a Master Mind spurring creativity.

One on One mentorship simply does not compare to the benefits of a group call. Over the lifetime of this course, students have posed questions, presented their own deals, discusses upcoming note events, shared theories. Our students have the chance to present themselves to the other participants to share their own ventures, or lend support with resolving difficulties in the note space and beyond. We do not limit the topics of conversation. We also have guest speakers from time to time, with Q & A’s at the end of each speaker presentation.

The calls are recorded, edited for privacy, and compiled in a separate course labeled Mentor Calls and are available for review by all FasTrack Business level members. The biggest benefits come to those who are able to join in on the calls live.

Students are also able to email me in advance with questions, topics, deals, etc before the Mentor Calls so that we can prep in advance if there is a specific issue you want to address.

Group Dynamic

Our students are encouraged to opt in for our networking spreadsheet, available right away at the start of the course. Any member of FasTrack Business can access the spreadsheet with the contact information for any who have opted in, starting at the beginning. Alumni and new signs ups alike can get and stay in touch this way. It is automatically updated with new students, but please respect the wishes of any individual who wishes to be removed from a mailing list.

Looking Forward

As FasTrack Business is a year long enrollment, we have created a monthly membership to allow dedicated students to stay active with Mentor Calls and educational materials, so you can always opt in to remain connected to the group.

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