Power of the law of attraction

The power of the law of attraction.

We were all taught that we need to work harder for better results. The harder you worked the better the results. Who made these rules? The people that were grooming us to be good employees, yes our school system which was then reinforced by our parents when we came home from school. Look at the big college names, these people were industrialists and they wanted us to eat when they are told, show up when the whistle blew, and work hard to get ahead. Most never got ahead and retired broke and broken.

We were never taught that our thoughts turn into feelings, our feelings to emotions that lead us to action, our actions lead to our creations.

Look around at all of the “stuff” you have, everything you see was at one time just a thought in someone’s head. The book on the shelf, the pen in your hand, the building you are sitting in. Everything was just a thought. Unfortunately most thoughts never see the light of day because our past programming little voice inside our heads tells us that “it’s too hard” “who do you think you are” “no one in our family ever did anything like that before”. 

These subconscious recordings keep us stuck in the revolving door never letting us discover the world that is just right outside the door. We never leave our comfort zone.

We keep playing small sometimes for 20 or 30 years or for most their entire lives!

Self awareness is what first starts the awakening from the sleepwalking day to day trance.

It usually hits us at the oddest moment, sitting at a traffic light or waking up one random Tuesday morning. “What am I doing? Why am I doing the same thing I did yesterday! Do I really want to keep doing this for another 30 years?”  When this shift hits some will take action while others let the program repeat. 

The law of attraction is a tool that we can tug on lightly once we get self awareness. It starts off small as a thought. “I sincerely doubt that a millionaire has the same daily habits that I do. “This is where the magic starts to kick in. Comparing someone that has their life back in their control instead of having to feed the machine for the weekly paycheck.

You will start to study the wealthy with questions like, how do they spend their day? Who do they hang out with? What do they look for? How do they spend their money? Where does their money come from? Are they really that different than me? 

These questions start an attraction that is totally unexplainable! These thoughts bring on a whole new vibration to your being. You are not the same person you were yesterday. Now that you have crossed over, all you need to do is keep returning to this emotion but how?

By hanging with people that are getting the results that you want for yourself and your loved ones. Sorry but you need new friends. 

You must change your conversation to match that of the wealthy and then start to speak with the wealthy because that is their language. If you talk like that with your old friends they might think you’re crazy or full of “it” or High and Mighty I once heard or just plain High.

You may need to read this several times for it to resonate with you but these are the truest words I can share with anyone.

Please comment below if this resonates with you.

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