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When you order something from Amazon and it’s a big item, a special purchase, you might call your friend and say Hey guess what I just got!

Well you didn’t get it yet you just ordered it, but in your head and in your heart it’s yours, you got it! now you have to wait for the order to be filled.

We can do this with life, with our futures. It may be money in the bank or assets in your port or the relationship you are looking for.

Hey guess what I just got, 200 notes in my portfolio! Well you haven’t gotten them yet, but in your mind you do have them, you must continue to hold the thought/ image in your mind over and over until it becomes natural and comfortable.
You can imagine working them, boarding them, imagine the feeling now of what these loans will represent, wealth, accomplishment, satisfaction? It’s all about emotions. 

Now it’s up to your subconscious to fill the order. You will move in the direction of the things that need to be completed to fill that order.
People and things start showing up in your life that were not there before from your previous mindset.

We were all taught the notion that “I will only be happy when the money is finally in the bank or the assets are finally in my possession”, but that aint how it works trust me, I can speak first hand!

It only works when you are happy ahead of getting the thing. Or better yet you are feeling the joy of having the thing already in your possession, that’s when the thoughts and ideas appear to get you to the end goal.

You call a friend all happy and say…GUESS WHAT I’M GETTING! That’s how it really happens!

You don’t need to focus on how you are going to get the thing, When I am looking at “getting” something big I just picture the celebration we are going to have when the big thing is delivered.

This works across the board, in all aspects of your life.

Seek joyfulness in every segment of your day, from the moment your feet hit the floor.
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