Fake It

I remember the first time I heard “fake it til you make it” I thought that was the worst advice I ever heard.
What a phony thing to do.

By studying successful people for the past 30+ years I saw the common thread in them all.
They all and I mean ALL walked down the street like they had a billion dollars in the bank. I am not talking about wearing fancy clothing or watches. It was the way they walked, it was the thoughts they had in their mind.

They were not worried about how they were gonna make it. In their thoughts they had already made it. They all also felt real good about the place they were in at the moment. The Key words here are “In The Moment”.

There is no “I’ll feel good when money shows up”. They feel good because they know the money is showing up. It’s just that the wire hasn’t hit yet! It’s like ordering on Amazon, you call your friend and say Hey guess what I just got. Well you didn’t get it yet but in your mind it’s yours.

So Fake It til you make it, meaning fake the good feeling of “having ” money in your several bank accounts and I promise you it will show up. The good feeling comes first always. Enjoy!

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