Gun to your head!

What if someone held a gun to your head and said "You have to up your game 200% or I'll blow your head off!"

Well, what does this mean? No more thinking in Hunderds or Thousands or even Hundreds of Thousands. We have to go straight to Millions!

The first few days you might just really suck at the thought. But after a few days of constant thought of how you are gonna pull this thing off you start to think differently. I know that to get your head around the thought you need to maybe learn things that you do not currently know. Not only that but even more importantly is you need to unlearn most of what you were taught so far up to this point! The next thing you might do is find people that are already getting the results that you need to get and do what they are doing. This most likely will force you to get better friends. Yes I said it. If you make 100k now it is safe to assume your friends are making about the same give or take.

That's where I was in my job back in 2005. Then in 2007 I discovered the note business and everything changed even my friends. What allows me to write this today is I figured all this out by accident. I was on webinars with some very successful people, people that were already accompished at something already and wanted to up their game to the next level or even up it several levels. The note business allowed them to get there very quickly.

In the note business it is very easy to scale up with all different forms of leverage. For me the easiest money I ever made is note brokering. I get a minimum of 2k for every note I sell. That's just a folder of paper going from the left side of the desk to the other. 20 folders 40k in commission. Is it possible to sell 500 folders at the same time?  What if I make 3k per folder? On a non-performing discounted bank note with a balance of 120k that we can buy for 40k, whether I mark it up 2 or 3 or 4k is insignificant to the end buyer. In every instance I have ever experienced except one guy, the end buyers were happy to pay my fees because I was providing a service that not many people can accomplish. The bigger the problem to solve the bigger the fee to charge.

What other forms of leverage are there? Other peoples money. Some investors take advantage of OPM. They borrow money at one rate and turn that money into a higher rate and pay back the lender. I personally chose not to do this on a regular basis. Some say I'm making a big mistake while others agree with my model. The scalability of OPM leverage is huge! One time I borrowed 60k at 16% interest only for 3 years and grew that into millions in unpaid principal balance debt.

So the few ways I've mentioned here will get that guy with the gun to move on and you have upped your game 200%. No more thinking in hundreds or thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Not many people ever get past an hourly wage or an annual salary even when they are self employed or what I call self-unemployment.

I remember when I first quit my job, my mental number was 100k annually. That was what I made at my W-2 job and that was all that I knew, 100k equals an ok lifestyle. Again I learned all of this over years and years by accident. My mental number was 100k and believe me I felt that gun in my ear just to hit that little number, but back then I didn't know 100k was a little number. I didn't know I could sell something without improving the quality of that thing I was selling.

I remember someone telling me "2 cents can be a large fee." What in the world are you talking about? One year later I was charging 2 cents on loan packages and coming home with 40k commissions!

2% of 100k Unpaid Principle Balance. 2k with very little work. I used to work 55 hours to make 2k!







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